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A construction and refurbishment company that cares.

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Our Story

Imagine having a quality home refurbishment that not only enhances your home but protects the environment and saves you money. That was the dream of our owner Joshua Parker.

Joshua has been successful in the construction space but has always felt conscious of this industry's impact on the environment. Therefore, he set out on a mission to use locally-sourced materials and offer customers in the UK environmentally safe construction.

What’s more, by focusing on sustainability, Base Level can build in such a way as to lower your energy bills and make you greener!

We hope you will join the movement and see what we can do for your home.

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Who We Are

The Base Level team.

Joshua Parker - Managing Director
Joshua Parker
Managing Director
Andy Turner - Construction Director
Andy Turner
Construction Director
Brain Quinn - Environmental Manager
Brian Quinn
Environmental Manager
Vincenzo Mazzocchio - Company Architect
Vincenzo Mazzocchio
Company Architect

Our Core Values

Our mission is to improve your home through refurbishments and extensions that protect the environment. Base Level is built on the following core values:
  • Giving back and not always taking
  • Looking for ways to save you money through more efficient insulation and energy usage
  • Reducing the environmental effect our business has on the planet
  • Conscious of materials used in refurbishment - sustainable, environmentally friendly, locally sourced, and cost-effective
  • Always having an eye for increasing the performance of existing builds through ingenuity
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Get your dream home and save money while protecting the planet.

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